Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Typhoon on it's way

This morning we woke up to incredible rain and Kay told me that there is a typhoon that is going to hit Osaka which is only about 50 km away.  She said that here we will only experience the fringe of the storm but it is enough to shut down the airport already and most likely the transit system as the weather gets worse.  It apparently will not last long and tomorrow should be a sunny day again.  So, today will be a day of rest for us which is not a bad idea because we have been going non stop since we left Vancouver.

On a side note .... Baseball is a very popular sport in Japan as you might know.  Last night Kay's Sister and Brother-in-Law stopped by to drop off some tickets for Martin and I to see the Hanshin Tigers tomorrow night.  How cool is that!  Apparently it is going to be a good game because the the Tigers are the number one team in the standing and their opponent is number two.  Martin tells me that the crowd gets really involved in the game which will be good to see.

p.s. could someone please send a rain jacket :) Quick!


  1. Well, You really are getting the weather there aren't you? Have fun at the baseball game

  2. 1 rain jacket on it's way....I will email it to you. Just print out, add water and bingo...no more getting wet.




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