Saturday, September 18, 2010

"Perfectly Clean Truck"

One of the things that I noticed a day or two after arriving in Japan is that all of the service / delivery / semi trucks are sparkling clean.  Maybe a few have had a bit of rust or a dent or something but all the rest sparkle.  I am still amazed when I look at them.  It makes me wonder if any work is actually getting done!!  If I ever move to Japan I think I will become a truck driver just so I can drive one of these trucks.  The cars are perfect as well.  I asked "Chef" about this (see post "something smells fishy") and he said that it is a pride thing.  He explained how It is important for the Japanese to present themselves in the best possible manner and this extends to your vehicle.  Chef said that if there is a dent it must be fixed immediately.  I guess that explains it then. I don't know why I liked these these trucks, I just seemed to notice them.

1 comment:

  1. The truck looks so clean. Kinda like Scott's car which he will not drive unless it is washed. But his truck is alittle dirty most of the time.



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