Wednesday, September 8, 2010

It's all about the food

One of the most obvious differences about Japan is the food. There is a wide variety from the commonly known sushi to some very unique local delicacies. Unexpectedly today turned out to be a day of new foods.

This afternoon Martin, Kay and I went out for okonomiyaki which is described as a Japanese style pancake but it is not really a pancake as I know it. The pancake was made of cabbage, egg, noodles and dried fish flakes. It was excellent. But that is not all that we had. There were a few more dishes that Kay ordered for all of us. An egg dish, and a pork noodles and squid dish. They were all excellent! The cool part is that it is all prepared at your table.

In the evening the three of us met up with Kay's sister and brother-in-law at their friends restaurant. They were very kind and closed the restaurant so that we could have a meal together with family and friends. It was an evening to remember. We were given a lot of different types of food including fish eggs, tofu, soup and sushi but my favorite was the horse. Yes, that is right, I said horse and it was excellent!!!! It was prepared in broth with some carrots, potatoes, onions and a root vegetable that I was told was boboa (not sure about the spelling of that one). We had a very memorable night eating, drinking sake and laughing. Poor Kay though as she has to translate virtually everything between Martin and I and the rest of the group which would be totally exhausting especially since Martin is a story teller to be sure!  Great job Kay!!!!


p.s. The typhoon ended up heading north-east of Osaka instead of towards Kyoto to the south so by the afternoon the rain and wind had stopped. Excellent!


  1. poor poor Tonto...great about the typhoon though.

    awesome job on the blog little brother, keep it up. We all look forward to your daily posts.

  2. I hate to break it to you but Tonto is not a horse....The horse's name is Silver...Hopefully Rich is not being fed any Tonto...It would be kinda like Silence of the

  3. P.S. How was the baseball game?

  4. I knew right after I made the comment that it was wrong...but I was at work and could not do anything about it. I told sister will see it and make a really NICE comment about cannibalism...
    you did not disappoint

  5. I feel



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