Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Great Wall

Today was an amazing day. We rented a car and driver for the day who drove us the hour and a half to the closest section of The Great Wall from Jing Jin. I wish I could tell you exactly where we were but I am still a bit unsure. We were told that it would be best to see the wall from here instead of from Beijing as it is a lot more busy in Beijing. I would say that this is true as we were the only 4 people on the wall for the hour that we were there. It was fantastic to have it all to ourselves.

  No strangers in the pictures!! Ok ......... so the weather wasn't perfect as it rained most of the day but that is ok with me. I like my space! The wall itself was amazing especially
where we were because it was in the mountains so it was rising and falling, twisting and turning. Beautiful!! The mountains themselves were magic! Not much else to say other than it was a great experience that I can check off the bucket list.


 Enjoy the pictures.

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  1. This is a great picture Rich - have enjoyed your posts very much. Have a safe trip home!
    Dianne (Lori's friend from Victoria)



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