Sunday, September 12, 2010

Something smells fishy

Friday Sept 10th.........

Not long after getting home from the baseball game the night before Martin, Kay and I went with Chef (see the post called "It's all about the food") to the kyoto fish market where he buys his fresh fish for his restaurant.  There were all sorts of colorful sea creatures including the rather standard  salmon and tuna (the tuna was from atlantic Canada we were told) to some not so standard things like turtles and eels.  It is a busy place and we did not stay very long as chef had to return with his goods but definitely worth the trip.  

After the fish market we collected Maya from Kay's parents and the 4 of us headed off to the Bamboo forrest which is near the town of Nonomiya.  The town is really interesting.  It has a lot of history like most places that we have been.  The bamboo forrest was excellent as well.   

We also visited a budist temple called Nonomiya-Jinja Shrine and this place was totally amazing.  It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  The grounds were spectacularly well kept.  Is my favorite place so far on this trip but I would never have guessed it.

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