Monday, September 6, 2010

First full day in Kyoto : Sept 6th

Kay, Martin, Maya and I headed into downtown Kyoto today.  It's an amazing place.  My first real experience of japan outside of a japanese home.  We took the subway into town and it really puts the skytrain to shame.  You notice right away how clean it is.  It's immaculate!  Not a hint of garbage or dirt or filth in general.  Once downtown we walked to some arcade malls (not sure what the japanese name is) and found a place to sit and have a drink.  It is still stinking hot!  Kay decided to have her hair cut so Martin, Maya and I wandered.  It is a really interesting city.  You see new and old side-by-side.  For instance, there is a cellphone shop directly beside a centuries old graveyard and ridiculously old shrines interspersed between Starbucks and KFC.  Really strange to see.  I love it!!  Everywhere you look is something new to see.  Like the knife shops with all sorts of knives, blades and the like. The chopstick shop was really cool.  There are thousands to choose from.  I think I will head back there and pick some up.  So, we wandered for several hours and then went to a really cool Ramen (noodle) restaurant.  It is Martin's favorite restaurant in all of Kyoto so really there was no other choice.  This was a fantastic meal and we will be heading back there again soon no doubt.  A great day!


  1. oh your favourite sisiter is first to post lucky are you. Your dinner looks very good...except for that fish like thing near the top....other wise good.

    you might find this next phrase very useful
    konohito ga zembu haraimasu (translates to 'this gentleman will pay for everything, of course only use it when Martin is around.

    I am sure you will come across the washi tape museum soon...can't wait to see the pictures of that.
    Love you

  2. that is favourite 'SISTER'
    not sure what happened there



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