Saturday, September 8, 2012

What time is it? ............ TRAVEL TIME!!

It's that magical time of year that I always look forward to, Travel Time!  Here's the plan.  I'm off to England for about 2-1/2 weeks along with my Parents.  During that time we will meet up with my friend Aliisa (see the Finland posts) for the time that we are in London which is for our first 5 days.  The following 5 are spent in and around Durham which is in Northern England and the last 5 days will be in and around Petersfield which is in Southern England.  I'm Hoping to have some great adventures along the way to post here.  We leave Vancouver at 3:30pm tomorrow Sept 9th and arrive at Gatwick airport at 9am on Sept 10th.  Can't wait, let the fun begin!!



  1. travel time is my favourite time of year too....funny we must be related or something.

    have a great time and show lots of pictures of your adventure.

  2. Have great time Rich... Can't wait to hear the updates...

  3. What time is it?

    Isn't it a "write up time" yet? What? You didn't get off the plane yet and were not able to find a wifi connection or something? Didn't you write on your way from the airport in the taxi? How about the hotel lobby??

    You still have much to learn about blogging my friend! ;-) (this comes from the guys who blogs once a month :-)

  4. Your fans are growing impatient. The anticipation is killing us all. Hope the delay is because you are having such a wonderful time.



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