Sunday, September 23, 2012

My Travel Partners

I've been lucky enough to have spent the last 2 weeks with my parents traveling England.  I've really enjoyed traveling and exploring with them and so I thought I would create a post of some of the pictures I took of the two of them. 

Pimlico, near our apartment

The Parliament Buildings

The Tube

Top of a Double Decker bus, London

The London Eye

The London Eye

Stopped in for a pint

The Britain at War Museum

Hampton Court Palace

Train to Durham

Feast with the family

York Cathedral

Durham .... with the Cathedral Towers in the background

The English Countryside

Stone Henge


Thanks Mom and Dad for a great time and wonderful memories

Thanks Mom and Dad !


  1. Rich... That is a great post. Love the pictures. Love the feeling of fun and adventure you captured. Any you managed to have pictures without a water fountain coming out of the top of anyone's head!! It was close. I thought the London Eye or Durham Bell Tower might have gotten the best of you but you did it.

  2. Yes Rich great post and love the pics.

    Maybe you can offer to go on all of their trips with them just so you can take wonderful pictures of the two of them and they can put their cameras down and enjoy the scenery......wait a sec, NEVER MIND. Mom if you are ready this it was my idea first....not Rich's. Don't even listed to him....just plug your ears. {I think I just found a part-time job for my self}.

    See you soon and safe travels home

    and if I could have one little critique for your blog.....turn of that darn thing so we don't have to prove we are not robots {it usually takes me three tries}



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