Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Vancouver in London

Aliisa and I spent the day together exploring the suburbs east of London.  We hopped on the #24 bus and rode until the end of the line which is Hampstead Heath.  The bus was a great way to see the city especially if you get to sit at the top front of a double decker bus.  Once there we explored a park called South Hill Park hoping to see some views of Central London which didn't work out quite as well as we hoped but still good.  We wandered thru the side streets between the sometimes quaint, sometimes massive but always amazing homes.  Wandering past a real-estate agent confirmed that even the smallest most humble abode was well ... and I mean ... WELL beyond my means.

We stopped for lunch at a small cafe and to my surprise there was a large, funky outline of Vancouver.  I was totally not expecting to see that.  Best to show the photo than try to describe it. (ya I know ... I'll Photoshop out that other person later :)

Our trip back proved to be interesting.  We hopped off the bus at Camden as we noticed a market on our journey out.  It's called the Horse Tunnel Market and this was a market like none I've ever seen.  There were all sorts of stalls from Clothing and jewelry to ..... well ..... black leather chaps if you were needing to replace your shabby old ones.  I know that my description doesn't seem to set this market apart from any other but believe me, this was a unique place for sure.  For instance, if you were looking to have your feet pampered instead of getting the old, boring pedicure why not slip your feet into a tank full of fish and have or water bound friends take care of that dry, scaly skin.  Maybe I'm just out of touch but WTF is that all about!?


  1. Sound like you are all enjoying your time in England so far. What a small world finding a map of downtown Vancouver in London. I bet it almost felt like home. :)
    Looking forward to more posts soon.

  2. I like the foot thing with the fish--maybe it will catch on here. Let's consider a franchise. Keep checking out those good ideas on your trip.

  3. if you were able to get into the tower you could have had them remove her head for you



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