Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Durham Cathedral

Florrie and her daughter Rachel took us to Durham today.  We walked thru the city taking us to the Durham Cathedral and past Durham Castle.  This cathedral is much different than the York Cathedral in that the Durham Cathedral is of Norman design whereas the York Cathedral, although it was originally Norman, is now a Gothic Cathedral.  The interesting part for me about the Durham Cathedral is that it is the first use of the pointed archway allowing larger and thereby heavier roofs and towers.  Without this innovation the York Cathedral could never have been built.  I know ... I'm showing my inner geek but I really enjoy that stuff.  You can't take photos of the inside of the Durham Cathedral so these pics will have to do.

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  1. beautiful

    for some reason I can't view the post that says food. I can only see it in blogger reader. Hopefully it comes back. This happen for me to another one of your posts and it came back a few days later.




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