Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Nice work Mom!

Sorry about the delay in blogging ..... had some issues with time and internet but I intend to post regularly from now on.  

Day 1 :

After a gratefully uneventful flight we arrive at Gatwick Ariport.  It took us longer than expected to get thru customs and immigration (about an hour and a half) and nearly missed the driver that we hired ahead of time to take us to our Hotel.  Luckily he waited for us and took us to the Dolphin House Hotel in Pimlico. 

Now about this hotel.  It is an amazing place which is actually a section of the larger Dolphin House Complex.  There are 8 "houses", each being a full fledged apartment block.  The property also includes a restaurant, bar, fitness centre, Spa and a large outdoor common area in the middle. Our apartment is amazing thanks to mom's finely tuned bartering skills.  We had booked a two bedroom one bathroom apartment and as we are checking in she cleverly asks "can we get an apartment with 2 bathrooms?"  to which the desk agent must have heard .....  "We want a 3 bedroom 3 bathroom pad with separate living room and kitchen ........ or I'm gonna pop a cap in yo a**!"  because this guy gave us just that!!  So now we are staying in a massive apartment (it's gotta be 1000 -1200 square feet) with more room than we know what to do with.  Nice work "gangster mom"!!

After checking in we went met up with Aliisa and went for a walk along the River Thames to parliament house and back where we promptly nodded off.  A good first day.


  1. awesome post dear brother

    funny mom said the same thing to our steward on the plane to Paris to get me a glass of champagne for my bday.

    She said 'give me a bottle of your best BUBBLY right now or I'm gonna pop a cap in your a$$ right now"

    sounds familar doesn't it

  2. Gangsta Mom is a great name for her.. She has tried to teach me her ways ... Free booze in the room at check in...upgrades in hotel rooms to suites ... dancing to Greek Music with the Cast of a Dinner Dance... Nobody does it better...

    Once in Sydney when Scott me and the kids were late checking in and the desk clerk came running out to the street when he saw us to slap our wrists.. "Sheila is so worried about you guys... WHERE have you BEEN?" I knew she was the God Mother of Travel...



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