Tuesday, September 18, 2012

What a Shambles

Today Alan and Florrie took us York.  It's about 53 miles south of Durham.  Like many of the cities of northern England there is a massive Cathedral in York.  We spent a few hours checking it out.  The mind blowing part for me is the constructions and design.  I can't imagine how they built such a thing so long ago (Constructions started in 1080 if I remember right) with limited technology.  From 1080 it wasn't until about 450 years later that it was considered completed.  It has changed since then due to fires, partial collapse due to sinking foundation and other mishaps.  Amazing!!

York Minster
York Minster

Next we were off to walk along the original wall surrounding the city.  It's about 3 km around and we walked a small section.  I find the history surrounding England, just as I did with Scandinavia and Japan, to be amazing.  Imagine all the people thru the ages who walk the same section of wall as we did and the stories that they could tell.

The old city wall surrounding York

We topped the day off with a walk around the streets or York.  The most interesting place was called the Shambles which is a narrow pedestrian street with interesting buildings and tourist shops.

"The Shambles" in York


  1. ok so I am thinking since Florrie and Allan took you there that we might see a picture of them in this post....or even one of their shoe or something but not yet!!

  2. Well, Florrie really doesn't want me to post a picture of her so I haven't. I have a consolation photo that will have to do. Look for it soon.



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