Sunday, September 16, 2012

Off to visit the relatives

There are 3 parts to our trip as I mention in my blog entry "What time is it ....... travel time".  The first part was our time in London which has come to an end and we are now onto part 2 ........ Northern England.  We have family that live in Durham and so a good part of yesterday (Sept 15th) was a travel day to the north.  We took the train to Durham from Kings Cross which takes about 3 hours.  I expected to see lush green rolling fields but since there has not been a lot of rain the last few weeks I saw dried, brown rolling fields instead. This is good because it means that we have enjoyed great weather since we've been in England and yesterday was no different.  Arriving at the Durham train station we met with my mom's cousin's husband, Allan.  We will be staying with Florrie and Alan while we are here.  Luck has it that another of my mom's cousins, Jimmy and his partner Leanne who live in Toronto are also visiting and we have 2 overlapping days together before they leave.  So after settling in, a group of us headed to the local pub to watch a football match between the local premier league team Sunderland and Liverpool.  Several drinks later it was back home for a few more drinks and a lot more laughs.  It was another great day.

Today Florrie and Alan unexpectedly arranged a big gathering with family and friends.  They put on a feast for about 20 or so and we talked, laughed and drank all afternoon.  I managed to step away with mom and a relative, Mark, for a short walk near the house.  It's beautiful as you can see. 

                                                              Mom outside the pub

                                           The fields surrounding Florrie and Alan's home

                                                         Florie and Alan's Home

Outside Florrie and Alan's Window


  1. excellent pictures Rich....did you happen to get any of the people at the party?

    Maybe that will be your next post

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Hi, I didn't get any of the people at the party. Didn't want to impose. I did get one of the food though ..... look for it in an upcoming post :)

  4. OK ok... You having mention that you watched Liverpool must have been some sort of a shout out to me, no? Either way, you got my attention. We've been reading your posts and checking out your photos. Maya makes me read it out loud, so at least you know that we're all up to date!
    Sounds like you and your family are having a great time. Glad to hear! Enjoy the sights and the family and the brew, of course (not necessarily in that order). Party hard and safe!

  5. ok....if all we get is a picture of the food I'll take it.

    I'll have to rely on moms pictures of the relatives when she gets home.



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