Thursday, September 22, 2011

Viking Line : To Stockholm

After lunch we walked thru the rain to the ferry terminal and boarded the boat to Stockholm.  My first thoughts were that this is  huge boat.  Bigger than the ferry to Tallin.  We put our things in our cabin (which was on the lowest possible level ... below the car decks and just above the rat and cockroach deck) but for 40 euros for a 15 hour overnight cruise you can't go wrong.

We headed to the decks that were above the water line and had a look around the boat.  There are 3 bars in total and pretty much everyone is in one of the three.  It was pretty funny as the music was from the 50 – 70's and I would say and the average age was about 105.  The cruise line clearly caters to the majority crowd.  Anyways .... we hung around listing to what sounded like polka for a bit and continued exploring.   Karaoke, an English style pub and some roulette (lost 10 euros) rounded out the night. 

One of the things that people do is they go to the duty free shop and buy a bunch of alcohol and then they get their drink on in a big way.  You could see the blurry eyes on the breakfast buffet crowd the next morning.   While eating breakfast, outside the windows were the Stockholm archipelago.  It reminded me a lot of  the islands between the mainland and Vancover Island.  A few hours later we were in Stockholm.


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