Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Suomenlinna Fortress

Today was mainly about going to Suomenlinna Fortress.  It's about a 15 minute boat trip from Helsinki Harbour and cost the same as a bus fare.  It is a military fortress build in the early 1700's and established in 1748.  There are 5 Islands connected with bridges making it easy to walk all of them.  Here's the thing about this island ....... It is very very windy out there.  I had dreads when I got back.  Anyways ... we walked around the island looking at the buildings, guns, bunkers and the rest.  It's definitely an interesting place and well worth the trip.

Ok, this is a short post.  It's an early start tomorrow on our way to Tallin in Estonia.  Looking forward to it!!

                                                                   Me, on a bridge :)

                                                          A rare break in the clouds


  1. another excellent blog post. You are a natural writer and (again) love the pictures.

    Ok so I will tell you the scoop on Austin....he is officially a valley west hawk (yes he made the team and I have never seen him so happy). He made it as a winger.

    Love you and see you soon

  2. Great blog Rich! Glad to see some pictures of your trip as well. Can't wait to hear about Tallin. :) Have fun!

  3. Hey Rich, Thanks for the update...Love the pictures... AND I'm looking at them on my new 25' monitor... It's sooo nice..

    Great blog

  4. Are you recycling the china pictures? Kind of looks like the great wall a bit, doesn't it?

    ps. Way to go Austin! congrats!



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