Monday, September 19, 2011

Cycling the city

Helsinki is well set up for people to ride their bikes.  Most of the sidewalks are divided between those that are walking and those on bikes.  It's fantastic!  One of the things that I don't like about riding around Vancouver is that you have to ride on the street with the cars and ..... well .... I don't trust drivers so I don't ride much.  Riding on the sidewalk is way better.

So, on Friday (16th) I went on a bike ride.  This was the first time I went riding by myself .... it find it easy to get lost in this city but I'm getting better :)  I rode into the city and then made my way to the seawall.  This is a great place to ride of course because it is a dedicated path and the scenery is excellent.  So along the seawall I passed the icebreakers, lots of sailboats which I can't get enough of, parks, the docks for the large passenger ships (like the one I'll be on going to Stockholm) and much more.  This is better in pictures than words so have a look for yourself.



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