Tuesday, September 13, 2011

First full day

I's been 2.5 days since I have arrived and I'm piling up the experiences :)  Yesterday was my first full day and a bit of a lazy day to start as I am really struggling with jet lag this trip.  I usually don't have a problem but this time it is turning out to be a bit of a problem for sure.  Anyways .... the jet lag has made for a slow start in the mornings both yesterday and today.

After  I got my sorry a** up and scrubbed the stink off I was ready to go.  We went for a bike ride to the city which didn't really take that long, probably 20 mins or so.  The thing is that it started raining pretty hard once we left.  It's pretty much been raining since with some periods when it didn't rain.  So ... we arrived to the bike lockup place and wandered the stores before finding a place to eat.  Then we went to the rooftop bar at the Torini Hotel which has amazing views of the city.  Helsinki reminds me a lot of Dublin in that there are no highrises.  The tallest building is probably 10 stories high with most being around 4-5 stories.  To me this makes the city look older ...... more .... historical.

Following that we rode home and got ready for dinner at a friends place.  That was the day :)


  1. We are really enjoying your blog Rich so much so that Dad asked me if you had ever considered a writing career!!!!!!!!!! It's not too wordy at all....keep them coming.

  2. great blog post Rich. Love the pictures. I think it is an age thing creeping up on you with the jet lag....you are around the corner from 40 you know.

    oh and things have been exciting around here. Jesse came over for a audition on monday night which he thinks went really well and was very happy about...

    AND Austin has some news....should I tell you?

  3. How is the Finnish cousine? Sick of barrios yet? Did I tell you I'm jealous, looks like a beautiful city! Have fun and make sure there is at least one blog entry telling me how you got drunk on vodka and sardines. That would be epic!

  4. Btw. That was supposed to say berries. Not barrios... Wrong country, that sounds bit like Spain or Mexico, maybe Taco Bell country, not Finland.



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