Thursday, September 22, 2011


The Ferry docks right in the heart of Stockholm so you get an excellent view from the ferry.  A beautiful city for sure!  The buildings of the old city look so closely packed it hardly seems possible to navigate between them.

Later in the day after making our way to the hostel we went to the old city.  It is even more impressive up close!  If you ever come to Stockholm check out the old city.  I was impressed with the old city in Tallin but this is decidedly better. Many of the buildings date back to the middle ages.  We had lunch in a dungeonous restaurant below the city.  We walk through the narrow cobble stone streets, checked out the shops, listened to the sounds and smelled the smells of the city.  An amazing experience. 

The next night we went back to see the city at night and it was again very impressive.  Like walking through a movie set or something.  I don't think that the below pictures do it justice but have a look for yourself.

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